WRITER: Books, Articles, Annual Reports, Brochures, Op-eds, Speeches, Digital Content
        EDITOR:  Book Manuscripts, Articles for Newspapers, Magazines and Journals
        GHOSTWRITER: For memoirs, business books, any nonfiction
        BOOK DOCTOR: We will help you fix your manuscript for coherence, flow and readability.
        PUBLISHER: We can professionally design and publish your book for you.

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SP LeBeau Communications offers advanced writing, editing,and ghostwriting services to businesses, medical professionals, academics and writers. 

· Our job is to maximize the communicative impact of your ideas, messages and information.

· We make sure your ideas are clearly presented in the proper style for your medium and audience.

· We are equally comfortable working with your raw ideas, a rough draft, or a basic outline. 

· Our expertise stems from professional experience in books,  newspapers, magazines, radio,                television and public relations.

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